Alpine partner program dealer approval form

Please fill out the information below to be authorized to buy Alpine products for 2022.

*Dealers MUST have retail locations*
*No online sales allowed*


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2022 Alpine Partner Program Purchase Requirements

S Level 

-minimum requirement-

 8 Speakers (S or above)

 2 Subs (S or above)

 4 Amps (S or above)

 2 KTA amps

 1 loaded Halo enclosure

R Level 

-S Level plus-

8 Speakers ( R Series)

2 Subs ( R Series)

2 Amps (R Series)

1 R Series loaded Halo enclosure

Includes 3% speaker discount & Preferred radio allocations

Status Level

-R level Plus-

1 Alpine DSP

18 Additional mix of speakers or subs

Includes 5% speaker discount & Priority radio allocations

 *All Speaker Discounts through June 2022

Car audio retailers in; IL, IN, KY, MN, ND, SD, WI only.