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2024 Alpine Purchase Requirements


minimum requirement to purchase Alpine.

$750 speaker buy in 

Key Dealer

$1200  speaker buy in

Key dealers receive additional speaker discount in 2nd column of price sheet.

Status Dealer

$2000 mix of Amps & Speakers

Status dealers receive additional speaker & electronics discounts in 3nd column of price sheet.  Direct Alpine dealer buying from MED will also receive this price.

Dealers are not authorized to sell on the internet, any internet sales will result in immediate termination.

Dealers not qualified by February 15th 2024 will see prices revert to non dealer cost  from MED.

Alpine  Dealer Application

Please fill out the information below to be authorized to buy Alpine products for 2024 & agree to the 2024 Alpine MAP policy.

*Dealers MUST have retail locations*
*No online sales allowed*

Car audio retailers in; IL, IN, KY, MN, ND, SD, WI only.

Click to download the 2024 catalog.

Alpine Catalog 2024
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