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About Us

Echo Sales and MED specialize in the marketing, sales, and distribution of the brands we represent.  Our biggest strength is our unrivaled expertise in the market, and we pride ourselves in our ability to help customers throughout the entire sales process while supporting the initiatives of our manufacturers.  We also work with our dealers to foster their own growth by utilizing appropriate product placement, as well as providing installation and application training.

Mike and Rob, Black and White

Mike Lewis and Rob Osheaski

As sales representatives, the continued success of our customers is vital to our business; we cannot operate without a thriving dealer base.  That is why we strive to help our dealers achieve success through product training and hands-on walkthroughs of new products. We are also a supporter of programs such as MEA & MECP who are dedicated to your growth and the health of the industry as a whole.  With this in mind, we look forward to talking with you soon.

-Echo/MED Team

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